Wellness in water by Hotel Magic

Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, wellbeing in Riccione!

Hotel Magic in Riccione has a new surprise for summer, an equipped space in the AQUARIUM area is born, it is dedicated to the hydrotherapy and here you can find 250 mq of relax and wellness with showers with different jets with differences in temperature, 38° C- 12° C- 44 ° C, the cervical hydro-jet of 50 cm for neck and shoulders, hydro-massage with blower up for 6 people, swimming pool (50 cm deep) for children and obviously our wide swimming pool for adults.

An oasis of relax  in the center of Riccione with a pleasant background of music into a really exclusive setting!
When we let ourselves go to the water jets thanks to the music, we feel emotions and feelings, which are different from the sensations that we have ever experienced in our everyday life. You will feel light, nimble in the movements: these are aspects which favorite the relax and the wellness that you ‘ll find in hotel Magic of Riccione.
The movement of muscle masses in water creates some beneficent massages, which help the blood circulation and the reduction of water retention. Kneipp realized that the feel of warm and cold water had beneficent effects on the blood vessels and on the nerves of the skin and of the organs.
The therapeutic strength of water is convalidated by the remark that the alternation of our showers with some differences in temperature produces a kind of circulation’s training, which is very useful for the blood vessels and for the muscles.